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M1 LB0003 December 2009
M33 LB0003 December 2009
LightBuckets V2 Preview
CO2 Snowgun Demonstration
The Milky Way over LB-0001 Take 2
LightBuckets Environment Sensors Tour
LightBuckets LB-0003 (150mm Takahashi) Tour
LightBuckets LB-0001 (24
M 31
Another angle
LB-0001 and LB-0003
Business End of LB-0003
Close Up of LB-0003
Monsoon 2
Monsoon 1
LightBuckets Observatory & Milky Way
Horsehead Nebula
Messier 20 - Trifid Nebula
Messier 16 from LB0004